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Disclaimer: I do not own the FullMetal Alchemist. No, I own the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang. I had to settle for Roy (Sakura: Roy’s settling?), seeing how FullMetal is already owned by so many others…though I really would rather own Edward over Roy…;P Just kidding, of course! (Erm, about owning Roy…I really do love Edward better than Mustang…)

Warning: Slight movie spoiler; and I'm assuming you've seen the entire series...

AN: While at Otakon this year, I met a Winry cosplayer whom, while waiting in line for the, erm, FMA panel, inspired me to write the following story! Well, the following two stories, which are based off of her! So thank you, for getting me to write my first Ed/Winry!

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Challenge: Shopping Spree
Title: Baby Blues

Genre: Humor
Canon: Possible
Length: 3,064

Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: Seto’s secretary just had a baby, and Mokuba, who notices, forces his brother to shop for a gift. Against his will Seto is forced to shop with Anzu and Shizuka, because they’re girls and they know about these things…

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You will not believe how long this story has been holed up in Rowan’s head for! A long time- at least half a year. So she’s very happy to finally write it and get it up!

Disclaimer- Glancing at her watch, Rowan suddenly realizes that she does not own YuGiOh! Let that statement prove that Rowan is too absentminded to own anything of that creative magnitude.

A slight cultural note- it seems customary for people in Japan to answer the phone with the simple phrase “moshi moshi.” Don’t ask me what it means, I just know that that’s what they do. Um, and that should explain a lot about the story.


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