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Moshi Moshi

You will not believe how long this story has been holed up in Rowan’s head for! A long time- at least half a year. So she’s very happy to finally write it and get it up!

Disclaimer- Glancing at her watch, Rowan suddenly realizes that she does not own YuGiOh! Let that statement prove that Rowan is too absentminded to own anything of that creative magnitude.

A slight cultural note- it seems customary for people in Japan to answer the phone with the simple phrase “moshi moshi.” Don’t ask me what it means, I just know that that’s what they do. Um, and that should explain a lot about the story.

Moshi Moshi

Honda’s side-

It was ringing, it was ringing! It sounded so insistent too and Honda wondered if that’s how he looked. The other side rang for an anxious moment longer, then-

“Moshi mosh-“

His side came crashing down, killing the other voice before the customary greeting could be fully uttered. Honda groaned in irritation. “C’mon you coward, you can do it!” he muttered to himself, then lifted the phone out of its cradle and dialed the now familiar numbers once more.

“Okay, just say hi! You need help on homework,” Honda prepped as the other side began its daily ritual of ringing insistently.

“Moshi m-“

“Otogi-kun?” the other’s name spilled out of Honda’s mouth quickly, the dear, beloved syllables tripping over each other in their haste.

A pause, a slight sniffle, then, questioning- “Honda-kun?”

“Uh, yeah,” Honda laughed nervously. “It’s me. I- I wanted to ask you something.”

“I’m listening,” Otogi’s voice came over bored and more than slightly impatient and Honda’s knees grew weak. He had made a mistake.

“Oh, um, never mind. My mom’s calling me for dinner!” Honda blurted quickly, rushed and restless.

“At four-“ Honda slammed the phone back down and heaved a heavy sigh before smacking his forehead in annoyance.

“Stupid idiot!” he spat at himself, then glared at the phone. “Don’t think you’re much help either,” he added.

Otogi’s side-

The phone went dead in his hand again and he shook his head, turning to look over at Yugi and Jou. “He hung up,” he said, only slightly forlorn.

“Call him back!” Yugi urged, so Otogi lifted the phone back up and speed dialed the other side.

The phone at the other end had a low, pensive ring that Otogi begin to wonder whether he too wore a thoughtful look on his face. The meditative ring continued a moment more, then-

“Moshi mosh-“

Otogi did not give Honda’s cautious greeting completion, tossing the phone into its cradle as though the receiver had grown spider legs.

“I can’t!” he exclaimed, surprised. Jou snorted.

“This is stupid,” he said, standing. “Otogi, we all know you like Honda-kun and believe me, the guy isn’t in jitters because of his math homework.” Jou rolled his eyes in exasperation. “You both are hopeless,” he muttered, then left the room.

Yugi and Otogi exchanged a confused look and then both looked at the silent, deadly phone.

“Try again?” Yugi suggested.

Honda’s side-

Honda was still staring at his phone when Jounouchi came into his room and threw his body on the bed.

“You and Otogi-kun are idiots,” he stated.

Honda blinked. “Excuse me?”

Jou nodded. “It’s so obvious, Honda. You like him, he likes you, get over you’re damn fears and let the guy finish one sentence for once!”

Honda stared blankly at Jou for a moment, then sprang into action, tearing the phone from its hold and pressing it to the side of his face. The other side rang for a brief second, when-

“Moshi moshi?”

Honda smiled. “Ryuuji, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…”


Yes, it’s meant to be short. Despite its length and brevity, I really like it! I hope everyone else did too. Please leave me comments/criticism/flames whatever in a review! I love knowing what everyone thought! -Rowan

What she said.- Sakura

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I know f*** all about YuGiOh, and you've told me all about this story before, but I still find it cute. And I love the disclaimer: "Looking at her watch..." haha